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    Opportunity Advantage

    The Opportunity Advantage

    A business opportunity is only as good as the compensation plan that drives it. It's a fact: A company with a solid foundation and high-quality products can only succeed by delivering a long-term business opportunity that's lucrative, aggressive, and rewarding.

    Synergy's plan offers a fabulous 55% payout based on the principles of cooperation and teamwork—your compensation is directly tied to the success of your business partners.

    The company's Mega-Match bonus pays you a 100% pound-for-pound match on the basic commission earnings of your personally sponsored team members. No strings attached, no breakage, and no limits to the number of people you can match.

    Simply stated: As your business grows and your partners succeed, so will you.

    Synergy's lucrative business opportunity, combined with its products and unique company culture, has resulted in one of the most loyal atmospheres in the industry. Customers and distributors stay with the company longer and retention rates far exceed industry norms.

    When you take a solid look at Synergy WorldWide, you find products with real benefits, a company that cares, and an opportunity that delivers.

    What is the Synergy Advantage?

    That's The Synergy Advantage.

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