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    Distributor Advisory Board

    Synergy’s Advisory Board is comprised of some of our top leaders who contribute to the overall strategic direction of the North America market

    Mark Comer - Double Presidential Executive

    Mark ComerPrior to joining Synergy, Mark founded several companies in multiple industries, and became a millionaire in five different business sectors. He has been involved in the creation of multiple entrepreneurial initiatives and venture-capitalized startups located on every continent. Mark has ridden motorcycles, surfed or played rock and roll on nearly every continent, as well. In 2008, Mark established 5 Star Legacy Foundation, a non-profit organization whose charter is to eradicate the cycle of poverty. Mark recently authored and published the book "Discoveries of an Accidental Guru: 100 Lessons of Business and Personal Success" which explores key lessons he learned throughout his life and applies these lessons to business success.

    Dianne and Lorin Leavitt - Double Presidential Executives

    Dianne and Lorin LeavittDianne Leavitt is one of Synergy's original superstars and top earners. This mother of four boys loves the freedom Synergy gives her to be a mom first and to have the time to be there for her children. Her hard work and persistence took her previously to the top of another network marketing company. Once she discovered Synergy, she put all her heart and passion into the products and business and she and her husband, Lorin, have built one of the largest organizations in the company.  Diane uses her success to motivate and empower women throughout the world to fulfill their own dreams and to create the life they've always wanted, just as she has.

    Paul Blad - Presidential Executive

    Paul BladSeattle resident, Paul Blad, has been with Synergy for almost ten years, making him a seasoned veteran with the company. Experience has taught him the value of Synergy, especially as it equates to time spent with his family. He applies his experience and leadership skills everyday as he continues to build a strong and growing team. Paul and his Synergy business partner, Rudy Pedroza, are recipients of the Dan Higginson Humanitarian Award (formally the Gene Hughes Humanitarian Award) and many other awards and recognitions.


    Rudy Pedroza - Presidential Executive

    Rudy PedrozaRudy has been with Synergy nearly since the beginning and he has developed into an inspiring leader for his team. People are drawn to his sincerity and fun-loving nature and they join his team because they know the Rudy and Paul business partnership will give the organization the support it needs. Rudy and Paul are the recipients of the Dan Higginson Humanitarian Award (formally the Gene Hughes Humanitarian Award) and many other awards and recognitions.


    Dane Iorg - Presidential Executive

    Dane Iorg - Presidential ExecutiveDane joined Synergy after concluding a 10-year career as a Major League baseball player with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals; he won a World Series Championship with each team. After retiring, Dane fell out of the pro-athlete routine and found himself in need of regaining his energy. He began taking Synergy products and never turned back. He has lost weight, improved his health and found financial success with Synergy.


    Bart Woodcook - Emerald Executive

    Bart WoodcookBart began his legacy at Synergy WorldWide in November of 2003. Since that time, he has built a highly respected, rapidly growing team that spans the entire globe. As a seasoned veteran in the network marketing industry, Bart's expertise, knowledge, and insight have afforded him the unique tools that have paved his current road to success. This expertise, along with his sense of humor and contagious appreciation for life, have greatly added to the wise direction provided by our dynamic advisory board.


    Steve and Roxanne Seely - Pearl Executives

    Steve and Roxanne SeelyThis husband/wife duo has a rags-to-riches success story that has blossomed into a long-term victory. They are revered for their amazing recruiting abilities and for their genuine concern for others. They love being Synergy Team Members almost as much as they love being parents and grandparents.



    Marty and Heather Holker - Pearl Executive

    Marty and Heather HolkerMarty and Heather Holker were determined to find a network marketing company where they could truly connect and take flight. An intense investigation led them to Synergy, the one opportunity that met all their criteria for success. They clearly made the right choice, achieving Pearl Executive in less than a year and establishing one of Synergy's fastest-growing organizations. Marty is an experienced networker who's built successful groups at several of the top companies in the industry, and Heather is a fitness instructor and former fitness model who is very particular about health products and understands the superiority of ProArgi-9 Plus.


    Brian Holt - Team Elite

    Brian HoltBrian Holt was introduced to Synergy several years ago, but because of other business involvements, it took him a few years to understand the true potential of his Synergy business. Once he grasped the vision of Synergy and ProArgi-9 Plus, he knew he had a responsibility to share them with others. Brian is known for always making himself available to his team and for leading by example - he encourages others to understand the business and engage. His personal success comes from establishing an abundance mindset: abundance in life-enhancing products, abundance in the joy of helping people and having fun while making money, and abundance of gratitude.

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