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    Bok Jong Kim

    Bok Jong KimEveryone wanted Bok-Jong Kim's high-ranking position at LG. That is, everyone except Bok-Jong. After dedicating a decade to the technology giant, he decided the corporate world wasn't for him anymore. Though he had established a successful career, Bok-Jong realized there was more to life than climbing the corporate ladder and he was determined to find it.

    The answer came when he stumbled upon the nutritional supplements offered by Synergy WorldWide. After trying the products, Bok-Jong was fascinated by their quality and effectiveness. He wanted to share them with everyone he knew, and everyone he didn't.

    "I set short- and long-term goals, measured the specific categories and never waivered from my desired goal whether it rained or shined," he recalled. And it worked—-Bok-Jong's business is booming.

    As a result, Bok-Jong's lifelong dream of establishing a scholarship foundation named after him is now in progress.

    "I know that if I keep going, Synergy won't let me down," he says. "In these tough times, I get the financial stability, peace of mind and bright future that everyone envies.

    "But they can have it too—-you just need to go after it."

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