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    Dianne & Lorin Leavitt

    Dianne & Lorin Leavitt Few people can match the passion, energy, and success of Dianne Leavitt. Her personal warmth and charisma make her a natural leader who stands out in any crowd—she's instantly a friend to everyone she meets and exudes a rare conviction that has helped her become an outstanding mentor to thousands of Synergy Team Members worldwide.

    "I feel there are certain truths in this industry that everyone has to follow," Dianne says. "Certain things work and certain things don't. You must be willing to work hard and share the story of Synergy with everyone you know."

    She continues, "No one can do the work for you. You have to be the conduit that will get your business going. You have to participate in the opportunities that the company offers, you must be teachable, and you need to learn as much as you can about the products and the compensation plan." Di encourages new Team Members to make a list of people they know and every day call new people to expand the business. She also teaches the importance of being a good friend, trainer, and mentor to your downline. You're responsible for the people in your organization, so you have to teach them properly.

    Dianne Leavitt pianoDianne cautions against betting all your chips on one distributor. It doesn't work that way. You have to lay the groundwork, work as hard as possible, and pay your dues. There are no shortcuts because the business is all about people, and people can't be manipulated or controlled. Make yourself a better communicator and improve your interpersonal skills, and you'll go far.

    Lorin has been essential to the couple's success and manages much of the business, including communications with key leaders. His unyielding support has been invaluable as the Leavitts grow their business across the United States and internationally.

    "When you're a leader, that means managing a huge mass of people and helping them to become better," Dianne says. "We love that part of the job—it's really one of the great benefits of network marketing. By helping other people become better and achieve their goals, you grow yourself and become a better person."

    Dianne and Lorin are grateful for what their Synergy business has brought to their lives, not only in terms of money and the positive impact on their family, but also what it has brought them in friendship and love. "We're grateful for Dan Higginson, as well as for all the Team Members who have sacrificed to make Synergy what it is today," they say.

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