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    Ni Nyoman Pariani & I Nyoman Soma Legawa

    This couple was earning a passive monthly income of fifty to a hundred millon of Rupiah from a Chinese network marketing company when they realized that their opportunity to grow further had reached its limit. Pariani challenged her husband, "You are an extraordinary person, but you will not achieve extraordinary results if the company fails to support you." Soma welcomed that challenge, and together they decided to start from scratch with Synergy WorldWide.

    Soma and Pariani joined Synergy in 2007 and made their activation in late July that year. Criticized by family members who couldn't accept their decision to leave their previous company, the couple persisted in growing their Synergy marketing network, not only in Indonesia, but also in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea.

    In two years, they reached Pearl Executive, earning a spectacular income, a Mercedes Benz, and trips around the world. Soma recalls, "It was tough for us at first—most of our downline at the previous company were not interested in joining us, so we were starting from the beginning. But we were fully aware of the risk of failure in this business and we took the chance."

    Soma believes in a saying, "The only reason God allows us to face trials and hardships is to help us grow strong, successful, and wise." And that saying has come true: God has given them a great Synergy network and a Mercedes Benz. They dedicated that car to Soma's illiterate parents who had worked hard in rice fields so they could send their children to school and university so that one day they all would have their own cars.

    "If you have a mother whose tears you haven't been able to wipe off, I urge you to make a decision with Synergy. Your parents will smile with you next year," said Soma, touching the heart of thousands of Synergy distributors attending the National Convention in Bali. "Sometimes, I wonder how many more years my mother would have to pay his debt and cry if I didn't join Synergy."

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