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    Young Ok Park

    Young Ok ParkYoung Ok Park is the epitome of hope, endurance and optimism. A Team Member since 2000, her ceaseless efforts have taken her on a steady journey up the ladder of Synergy ranks. She set out on the journey intent on achieving success, and she never lost sight of that ultimate goal. Today, she is firmly on the path of continued greatness and proof that steady progress can take you to the top.

    Her journey has not been without struggles. To achieve her success, she relied heavily on her sponsor, Presidential Executive Yun Tae Hwang, and on her partners for support. "My team was always behind me, backing me up, believing in my dream and genuinely wishing me success. They have become a lighthouse to me, guiding me through the rough times."

    Young Ok's example of overcoming obstacles to achieve success has made her a shining beacon to others as well, as she inspires her team to reach for the stars. She understands the powerful influence that support and confidence from leaders can have on an individual striving for personal success, and she makes it a point to let her team know that she believes in them.

    "Synergy has the ability to lift an average person to greatness," believes Young Ok. "The combination of leading product technology, solid company backing, powerful marketing tools and good timing makes Synergy the perfect avenue to put ordinary people in the position to become successful Team Members."

    "Nothing is impossible if you really believe it can happen. Synergy makes it easy to achieve the impossible. It is a company whose goals go hand-in-hand with my own and one that reflects true values. Synergy gave me continued hope and provided an environment wherein I could work toward my objectives and develop myself as a leader. It allows me the opportunity to help others do the same."

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