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January 2014 Edition

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Executive Message

Make 2014 a Banner Year

by Dan Norman, President

Synergy WorldWide’s growth in 2013 is visible. We’ve recognized new leadership positions, launched new products and opened new markets around the globe to drive Synergy forward and continue in our pursuit to present this company and its health-enhancing products to the masses. Our numbers are multiplying in Europe, and we are excited about the launch of three new European markets: Iceland, Slovenia and, most recently, Italy. People in these regions are latching on to Synergy’s vision, eager to leave their Synergy legacies.

Quarter three of 2013 was record-breaking. Synergy’s sales revenue increased by 4%, giving Synergy its highest sales quarter in history. Part of this increase is attributed to notable growth in Scandinavia and Central Europe. We can also attribute the quarter’s success to Global Summit 2013 in Seoul and the launch of SLMsmart in South Korea and the United States. We are eager to introduce SLMsmart to all of Synergy’s global markets.

Undoubtedly, the driving force in our growth is traced back to talented and devoted leaders. In 2013 we welcomed four new general managers to support Europe’s flourishing markets. Radek Baszynski became part of Synergy’s team in January, filling the general manager position over Poland and the Czech Republic. Erich Dengg was brought on to manage our Central European markets: Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Our Western European general manager is Rob Lord who oversees the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland and Spain. Most recently, we brought on Raffaella Orlandi with the launch of Italy, Synergy’s newest European market. Accompanying Italy’s 2013 launch were openings in Iceland and Slovenia, and Synergy’s growth does not stop there. France is slotted to launch in 2014. We are excited to see how these new markets contribute to Europe’s overall growth.

Radostaw Baszynski
Erich Dengg
Raffaella Orlandi
Rob Lord

I am sure this growth will manifest itself at our 2014 European Summit in Barcelona. The 2013 Global Summit in Seoul created an incredible momentum that will propel us through the year until Europe’s second-ever regional summit. With Team Members from 15 countries encouraged to attend this dynamic event, Summit 2014 is sure to be the biggest Synergy event Europe has seen. Make attending this event a priority as it is the gathering place for Synergy’s strongest leaders. The Barcelona Summit will give us the opportunity to praise you for your hard work all year and magnify how important our European markets are to Synergy WorldWide. We want to see each of you taking your well-deserved place in the spotlight during this event.

I am confident that 2014 will be a banner year. We have dedicated leadership in the field, reputable products and unstoppable momentum. Set your goals high this year; I look forward to celebrating your successes when we meet again in Barcelona.

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Advisory Board Message

How do we light the fire within people?

Eric and Kati Gammals are pearl executives and members of Synergy WorldWide’s European Advisory Board. Each quarter you will hear from a member of the advisory board who will give you trusted business advice and a look into how they achieved success with Synergy.

by Eric & Kati Gammals

We feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a company like Synergy, and to be able to help people with life-enhancing products and an incredible business opportunity.

We see so many benefits to the Synergy opportunity. First of all, people see the opportunity to help other people and earn money by doing this. But when a person begins to discover what we have on a deeper level, they find out that they have the opportunity to learn and grow, have purpose and fulfillment in life, and be part of a team that has excitement and confidence for the future.

When we were discovering the Synergy opportunity, we wanted to meet the corporate executive team because we wanted to know the kind of people that were leading the company. Now, what is important is that the new Team Members have the opportunity to have a discussion with the most successful team members. So we guide our team members to arrange welcome calls where the new Team Member and the successful Team Member in the upline can talk with each other for a few minutes. This way they can discover what kind of people are leading the team and the kind of values they have.

This is important and greatly benefits the team because it becomes much easier for the Team Member to contact the upline Team Members for needed support. The most preferable method for this is a 3-way call where the Team Member’s sponsor arranges the call. By doing this, all the sponsors quickly learn how to conduct a 3-way call using their phone. We teach everyone to use a lot of 3-way calls in all phases of the business—during the Synergy “Day One” presentation, follow-up, training, coaching and celebrating.

Also, during our personal Synergy discovery, we wanted to listen to the medical and scientific advisory board members, and the most successful Team Members and their stories. Most of all, we needed to use the products and help our dearest family and friends use them. The products’ results were really important to us. We need to help people experience these results also. Participating in the international and national Synergy Summit events and other trainings is very important. We believe that 80% of success is a result of showing up.

As a leader and a network coach, it’s very important to remember the values “love,” “courage,” “honesty,” “staying calm,” and “being humble,” when communicating with your Team Members.

When you follow these values and keep your heart open, it becomes much easier to help people light their own internal fire. It’s also very important not to take anything personally. Have focus, fire and fun in all activities that you do.

Most importantly, you must be able to see positive matters in all situations and develop the ability to turn any challenge into an advantage.

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Quality in Details

Synergy’s Approved Vendor Checklist

by Catherine Bennett, Synergy Communications

Each ingredient in Synergy WorldWide’s products and Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) is supplied by one of 350 approved vendors that have endured in-depth scrutiny by NSP’s quality control team. All of Synergy’s raw materials are sourced through exceptional vendors who hold the highest quality standards. And what are those standards, exactly? Synergy accepts nothing less than the highest levels of purity, potency and safety.

Keep in mind that vendors who are approved aren’t approved indefinitely. Each vendor must continue to prove the quality of its products and practices. From start to finish, there are hundreds of steps that NSP’s quality control team will carry out to ensure its customers are receiving the best products on the market, said Lynda Hammons, NSP’s Vice President of Quality Assurance.

The vendor selection process consists of four basic steps, and each step requires dozens of protocols. Here are the steps Hammons leads her team through so that NSP and Synergy can deliver power, health-enhancing products to you:


The questionnaire acts much like a preliminary interview. Synergy and NSP want to make certain that they know basic information about potential vendors and their products before pursuing them further. Some of this information includes the company’s history, and the procedures they use to manufacture and test their products. Through the questionnaire, our teams find the genus and species of each raw material, as well as the part of the plant that was used. If the questionnaire states that the vendor uses all stem material, but Research and Development finds traces of roots and leaves, the vendor loses credibility.

Vendors must provide information about where the requested raw material was originally harvested. If vendors are located in India or China, for instance, their products undergo additional scrutiny through risk assessments. Materials produced in these locations are considered to be high risk, meaning they are more likely to not meet Synergy’s and NSP’s quality standards.

Sample Request

Nothing a vendor states on their questionnaire is taken at face value. All ingredients, including ingredients from previously reliable vendors, must be tested to confirm that their ingredient meets NSP and Synergy standards, which is why vendors who make it past the questionnaire are asked to send in samples of their ingredients. The Research and Development crew, and health sciences teams, review each ingredient’s safety information, and then begin testing the product for micro-contamination, heavy metal contamination and allergens. These samples’ safety, purity and potency are evaluated in NSP’s Quality Control Lab and Method Lab. One of the things the Research and Development team does is make sure the sample ingredient’s particles are the correct size and can dissolve in liquid. NSP scientists’ end goal in testing samples is to confirm whether or not the ingredient will be a successful building block in formulating the end product.

Onsite Audit

Hammons, a certified Quality Auditor by the American Society for Quality, schedules onsite audits with vendors who pass the first two steps. During her audits, Hammons evaluates the cleanliness, record management and operation protocols of the vendors’ manufacturing plants. However, Hammons still needs to do a little research before conducting the audit.

Knowing the company’s history is the foundation to building a lasting business relationship. Hammons finds out how long a vendor has been in business and how many employees they have. She wants to be familiar with the company’s organization and their documentation habits before beginning the audit. Every time a vendor employee cleans a piece of machinery or an area in the manufacturing facility, someone needs to document who did it and sign off that it was done properly. This is where environmental micro-monitoring comes into play. Going through sanitation protocol doesn’t necessarily make a manufacturing facility clean. The procedures need to be effective. Auditors make sure to survey each area and gauge how successful a vendor’s cleaning procedures are.

Proper documentation is only half of the battle, though. Hammons and her team then proceed to verify that the sanitation reflected in their documents is apparent when inspecting the facility. Often, the first thing the auditing team does when surveying the building is check for soap and hot water in the bathrooms. If soap is nowhere to be found, or water in the sink does not become hot within 15 seconds of turning the spout on, the vendor automatically fails the audit. Hammons has issued a few audit failures on these terms.

The auditing team then looks for documentation that proves the vendor’s raw materials undergo proper testing. Documentation from one month ago to over one year ago is requested at random. NSP auditors then inspect the labs and equipment, evaluating their testing procedures’ effectiveness.

Many companies don’t consider questioning vendors about their employee training programs, Hammons said. It is safe to assume that if an employee was not trained to follow SOPs, some standard procedures may be carried out incorrectly. Vendors that enforce employee dedication to current Good Manufacturing Practices are more likely to pass NSP audits.

Approval and Ongoing Audits

After reviewing all of the collected information—the initial questionnaire, the sample testing and the onsite audit—and confirming that all mandatory data was collected, Hammons can add a vendor to the approved list, but only after Research and Development, Quality Control, and Purchasing also provide their signatures of approval.

Hammons conducts 40 to 60 onsite audits each year, which includes both old and new vendors. New vendors are required to pass an onsite audit before approval and vendors who passed their first onsite audit are continually audited every two years. Historically reliable vendors are never given benefit of the doubt. They must prove that their ingredients and procedures are consistently on point.

Every batch of Synergy product is carefully formulated with the consumer in mind, and this careful formulation begins long before the manufacturing process. Synergy is centered around quality, health and its consumers, and for this reason its quality assurance teams will never cut corners. Anyone can purchase Synergy products with confidence that they contain the purest ingredients from top-quality vendors.

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