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April 2014 Edition

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Executive Message

Paving the way for a historic year in Europe

By Stewart Rutter, Vice President of Sales

As we anticipate spring, we see the days getting a little longer and feel the temperature rising. This is a great time of year, because with it brings a renewed sense of optimism and excitement for life. I certainly feel this in my own life and I definitely feel it in our Synergy business.

We have already kicked off 2014 with some great events and activities that brought so many of us together to create vision and direction for the New Year. We started in Hawaii with our annual Legacy Retreat. That event, as it always does, brings together our top-producing leaders from around the globe in a beautiful setting to celebrate our accomplishments and create excitement for what is to come. I love being with our leaders, and feeling their passion and love for our business. I love that we are changing lives for the better all over the world. There is no better way to start a new year than spending a week with our dedicated leaders in a setting like Hawaii.

We then moved forward with our regional and national kickoff events where we launched new programs, incentives and promotions. We witnessed excellent training and motivation from Synergy Founder Dan Higginson in Germany, Norway and Finland. We held successful events in Dublin, London, Spain and Poland. Our final kickoff events took place in our newest and rapidly growing market, Italy. All in all, we brought together more than 1,000 people to hear the Synergy story and celebrate 2014’s exciting news and focus.

This year has the potential to be historic for Synergy Europe. We have laid the foundation, through a lot of hard work and dedication, for accelerated growth and success in 2014. We rolled out the 2x2 Bonus in all markets, a year-long incentive that is sure to help accelerate earnings and duplication through consistent recruiting and sponsoring. We announced and launched the Barcelona Top 100 promotion that rewards consistent activity and business building through a points-based system. Those that perform as one of the Top 100 point earners will earn travel money and be recognized at our Barcelona Summit in September.

Speaking of the Barcelona Summit, this event will be unlike any event we have ever held in Europe. We will unveil new products and programs that are sure to excite all who attend. We will paint a picture of our vision for Synergy’s future, a vision that will leave you feeling confident that you are with the right company. If you are at all serious about being successful, you will lead by example and attend the European Summit in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. As a leader, you will not only attend, you will make sure to bring your team with you.

I love the following quote about leadership:

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

I am confident that our European Summit in Barcelona will help you accomplish all of the above. Don’t be left out!

We have never been more optimistic and excited about our future as a company, and we have every reason to feel this way. Our worldwide business continues to grow, attracting more and more great people to our company’s mission: “Leave a Legacy.” We thank you for your commitment and effort as you individually and collectively build your own Synergy business. Most importantly, we thank you for the way you represent our company on a daily basis. I look forward to seeing many of you in the very near future.

Advisory Board Message

Make Events a Priority and Succeed

By Hakan Cetin, Europe Advisory Board, Emerald Executive

There are a number of things I’ve learned in the network marketing industry, but one principle that truly stands out is the importance of organizing and attending events. There is no guarantee that you will find success by attending all the major events, however, I’ve noticed that those who are successful in network marketing and with Synergy WorldWide are always in attendance. There is a lot of truth to this statement.

Additionally, I have learned to begin planning events in advance because it allows me more than enough time to promote them. When you make the decision to attend an event, you may not realize it, but you are significantly contributing to the success of the overall company.

By attending a large event, such as the upcoming Barcelona Summit in September 2014, you get to see the big picture. You understand that Synergy is more than just a concept. It’s real. You feel a binding, international enthusiasm, and you realize that Synergy is operating around the globe. You also begin to understand that you are internationally connected! You will be inspired by Synergy leaders’ success stories. You may think, “How am I different from this leader? This person is not smarter or better than I am. We have similar backgrounds. In fact, I may have more skills than this person does, but they made it in this business anyway!”

This hope may give you the motivation you need to reach your ultimate goals within the company. These top leaders will help you learn from their experiences, and then they will show you how to build a Synergy business from the ground up while avoiding errors. Synergy news and future plans will be right at your fingertips.

Dan Higginson, founder of Synergy WorldWide, will show you that Synergy is about much more than making money! You feel you are part of something bigger that enriches the lives of many, a company that feels like home and gives you purpose.

And lastly, you realize you are not alone. Synergy is a major global family, and you have hundreds, even thousands, of connections right in front of you. You see how many people attend the events and realize this business can work for you, because it has worked for others.

Events are where future leaders are made—at least this is what I’ve noticed in my network marketing experience. Events help Team Members set goals and make plans. They encourage you to immediately begin implementing these plans.

It makes your life easier to bring partners to the big events at least two times per year. The Team Members I’ve invited to events have shown incredible growth and are still with Synergy today.

When someone asks me if events are worth attending, I cannot sum up the reasons why they need to go. I cannot adequately describe the atmosphere and the magic that is there. I tell these people they must feel it for themselves! When I was invited to my first event, I was so stubborn. I had to take that leap of faith and actually attend an event to open my eyes to a world of possibilities.

There are dozens of excuses people give as to why they cannot attend Synergy events: “It's too expensive,” “it’s too far,” “I do not understand the network marketing lingo,” and “I see no advantage in attending.” These events are important enough to warrant finding a way to make it work. There are always sacrifices for the greatest things in life! Instead of dwelling on the cost, think about the rewards. Ask yourself what it would cost you if you didn’t attend. What would you be giving up?

You must ask yourself where you want to be in the coming years. Are you satisfied with your life now? Where do you want to live, and how do you want to live? There is little chance that your life will become what you want it to be when you aren’t taking action. Imagine what your life could be like with the things you long for. These things can only be yours if you take a new direction in your life.

These thoughts have helped me create momentum in my life and keep my motivation high. I’ve seen others do the same and find solutions that changed their life. For many, these changes began when they attended their first Synergy event. This is where they found their inspiration and faith in the company.

Do you really want to see change in your life? Commit to attend the next event. Take a step further and bring someone with you.

In that spirit, I'll see you at the Barcelona Summit in September and hopefully, many events before then. Purchase your tickets for Summit 2014 now if you haven’t already. Spaces fill up quickly and you won’t want to regret missing this one!

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Products that Impress

V3: Build, Sustain, Enhance

by Catherine Bennett, Synergy Communications

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt invincible? A time when you were extremely proud of your body’s overall performance? Chances are these times were balanced by good nutrition, exercise, and low stress levels.

Unfortunately, when life throws a curve ball and disrupts your routine, nutrition is often the first thing to suffer.

Synergy’s V3 System is your support system. It’s a product line designed to preserve long-term wellness that carries you through all your body’s highs and lows. The system’s three products—Mistify, PhytoLife and ProArgi-9+—are pure, safe products that collectively support you in your journey toward maintaining an active, capable and thriving body.

Together, these products build, sustain and enhance your body’s performance levels. Each scientifically formulated product targets a vital system that contributes to your overall health, ultimately creating balance and long-term wellness.


Mistify is a liquid supplement infused with a variety of nutritious berries, such as Acai, as well as Vitamin B6 and Green Tea Extract. One sip of Mistify is an explosion of antioxidant rich nutrition that delivers support to the body’s psychological and red blood cell functions. By consistently building your body with Mistify, you may find that your body is standing up for itself.


By sustaining your body, you commit to give it the necessities of life that it craves. PhytoLife does just this as a cleansing and deodorizing supplement formulated with a rich combination of chlorophyllin and peppermint oil. With this supplement, you provide each element of your body with the support needed to carry you through the day. Make PhytoLife part of your daily regimen for sound digestive health.


ProArgi-9+ is a supplement that showcases the amino acid L-arginine as well as Vitamins B6, C and D. These ingredients contribute to healthy circulatory, nervous and immune systems, working with both Mistify and PhytoLife to carry vital nutrients to every organ and system in the body. No matter where you are in reaching your health goals, ProArgi-9+ can be a force in taking you to the next level of wellness by enhancing your body’s total performance.

While each product caters to specific health needs, each works tirelessly to build, sustain and enhance by strengthening weak areas and making strong areas fierce. When used together, the products support and amplify the others’ effectiveness.

Free yourself from the boundaries that poor health creates. With Synergy’s V3 System, you can maintain nutritional balance and achieve a long-term state of well-being that is complete.

Team Member Profile

Team Member Achieves Team Manager in One Week

by Catherine Bennett, Synergy Communications

An Italian Team Member officially set a Synergy record when he jumped straight to the Team Manager title in just one week—an achievement that most Team Members take months, if not years, to achieve.

Giuseppe Lucio became a Synergy distributor in mid-February and wasted no time starting his business. He held his first meeting with prospective distributors a few days later. After just a few weeks with Synergy, Guiseppe was setting long-term goals, which include reaching the Pearl Executive rank before 2015. Ultimately, he aims to achieve the highest ranks Synergy offers and speak to the masses about the success that can be achieved in network marketing.

“I love the challenge network marketing is,” Giuseppe said. “Yes, the money is important, but working toward something is just as important. I will do my best to help Synergy grow in Italy. I like to be in competition always and I like to prove to people that businesses I believe in work.”

Of course, Giuseppe is no rookie. He has spent the majority of the last 30 years in the network marketing industry and said he had a group of people positioned to follow him into a new company. By the first week of March, Giuseppe had a meeting scheduled with 70-80 people confirmed to attend. He admits he doesn’t sleep much, but said he prefers to stay awake and seize every possible moment because it’s in the early mornings and late evenings that he is most efficient.

Initially, Guiseppe approached his former colleague Raffaella Orlandi, Italy’s General Manager, wanting to know more about the company she worked for. Guiseppe was eager to start building his Synergy business after speaking with Raffaella, having recently left another network marketing company that he said didn’t seem serious enough to invest in. He knew Synergy was the company for him because its leaders have a vision for the future and there is a great opportunity for growth.

With decades of speaking practice under his belt, Guiseppe understands the importance of developing this skill in order to be successful in network marketing. In fact, one of the first things he teaches new distributors is to be professional in every way. He knows he must help people realize what they are capable of doing and being in order to reach their goals.

“I want people I meet with to realize we only have one life; many people forget that they won’t have a second chance,” Guiseppe said. “So I want to give them the chance to change their life with Synergy and find freedom by leading them in the right direction.”

Guiseppe studied accounting before he discovered the network marketing industry in his early 20s. In his 30 years between a few different network marketing companies, Guiseppe bought his first house with network marketing money, opened two bars in Italy, worked at a bank and considered moving to Canada before he finally settled down in Northern Italy.

Now, Guiseppe is fully invested in seeing where his Synergy business will take him and is enjoying the positive effects the V3 System has had on his energy levels.

“I know that I can do more than others are expecting of me,” Guiseppe said. “I have so many ideas about how to engage people in network marketing and it all starts with teaching people how to dream again.”

In the Spotlight

Synergy Team Members are making great strides this year, and each one brings something valuable to the table. We are honored to have such dedicated and impressive people in the Synergy family. Let us introduce you to some of the inspiring individuals who are creating a name for themselves in their respective markets.

Carlo Branca

Carlo Branca, Italy’s newest Team Manager, is feeling relief in Italy’s shaky economy. After seriously working in network marketing for 8 years, Carlo recently made the switch to Synergy during a meeting with his sponsor. He knows the V3 System works because he uses it daily to boost his energy and maintain his good health despite a hectic schedule.

While Carlo hasn’t been with Synergy long, he has climbed the ranks quickly, and said he owes it all to the company’s business plan and his many mentors. He has followed the guidance his leaders have offered, and is now reaping the benefits. Carlo said, “network marketing saved my life,” and he is eager to reach the goals he has set for himself. He hopes to receive his Pearl Executive pin before the Barcelona Summit in September 2014.

Joe John McKenna

Joe John McKenna is not only a Synergy Team Leader, he plays the Uilleann pipes, or Irish bagpipes, professionally. In fact, he used to do tours with his wife playing classic Irish music for the masses. Joe took time away from his Synergy business when his wife fell ill and passed away about a year ago. Around the turn of the new year, Joe decided to kick his business back into gear. He said his Synergy business motivates him to meet new people and leave the house during a difficult time in his life.

Joe attributes his success to his team’s consistency, and especially to his sponsor Yvonne Timmins who hosts weekly meetings and spreads her passion for the V3 System to all she meets. While Joe was less involved in Synergy, he saw that money was coming into his bank account each month, showing him that Synergy’s business model truly works. For now, Joe is taking things one day at a time, and is excited to see where his business takes him.

Aldona and Michał Mosiejko

Aldona and Michał Mosiejko were instrumental in the growth of Synergy Poland years before its grand opening in June 2013. They found Synergy WorldWide in 2009 and have since rank advanced to the Team Manager position. The Mosiejkos center their lives in family and constant personal development, realizing that by bettering themselves they will better their lives. Their everyday attitude is that if you become more, you will have more.

Together, Aldona and Michał have a vision for Synergy’s future, which they believe is the root of their success. They have also become a physical product of Synergy products, making the V3 System part of their lifestyle. It gives them great joy to share the Synergy Advantage with those they meet and watch as lives are changed by Synergy’s opportunities and powerful health-enhancing products.

Boštjan Pilej

Boštjan Pilej of Ljubljana, Slovenia, has spent much of his career in marketing, working for Slovenia’s largest television company. Boštjan is still heavily involved in social media marketing, but for a different cause. He has been a leader since the opening of Slovenia in 2013, but was initially introduced to the company by a friend in 2011. In January, Boštjan’s account Team EBALI rank advanced to Team Manager, about four months after Slovenia’s official launch.

Since joining Synergy, Boštjan has noticed an improvement in his family’s overall well-being thanks to the effects of the V3 System. He has found that being his own boss suits him best, and enjoys being able to implement his own values and goals into his business. In fact, he views his business as a service, because he gets to share a world of better health and financial stability with those he comes in contact with.

Halldor Kolbeins

Halldor Kolbeins, a professional photographer and one of Synergy’s leading Team Members in Iceland, has been influential in this budding market. He is passionate about sharing the Synergy Advantage with the Icelandic people, making sure to highlight the importance of investing in personal health. He first discovered Synergy in December of 2012 and has been a key player in building a solid team in Iceland since its official launch in September 2013.

Synergy is gaining momentum in Iceland, and while it is a small country, many of its residents are open to investigate new business opportunities in the recovery of a major financial crisis. In addition, Iceland values good health, and Halldor said the majority of those who he shares Synergy with are at least willing to give the products a try. After working in public relations for many years, Halldor began losing interest in his passion for photography. Now, Halldor’s Synergy business allows him to pursue photography projects that satisfy his personal interests.

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