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May 2016

Exciting Times for Synergy Europe

Executive Video Message from Dan Norman, President, Synergy WorldWide

A Monumental Milestone for Synergy Europe

I think it’s incredibly fitting that Synergy Europe headquarters would be stationed in what I think is one of the most inspiring cities in the world: Barcelona.

V3 Infographics

Synergy’s V3 System is your support system. It’s a product line designed to preserve long-term wellness that carries you through all your body’s highs and lows.

How to Craft an Elevator Pitch

Crafting an elevator pitch is similar to writing the thesis of an essay. You want to give your audience a succinct description of your topic by combining key elements that gives them a general idea of your company’s goals, all while setting yourself apart from other company’s pitches

Leading Austria to Greatness

Synergy executives believe that one of the driving factors behind Austria’s great success rests on the shoulders of one of the nation’s most influential Synergy leaders, Pearl Executive Franz Friess.

New Pearl Executive: Robert Suppan

Congratulations, to Robert Suppan of Austria, Synergy Europe’s newest Pearl Executive!

New Team Elite: Sabine Feitl

Sabine has been working tirelessly to build her Synergy business ever since and is now just one milestone away from becoming a Synergy executive.

New Team Elite: Teri Rigby

Just a few months after becoming a Synergy Team Member, Teri Rigby of the United Kingdom is one step away from reaching the executive ranks.

New Team Elites: Anna-Maija & Hannu Kreivi

Anna-Maija and Hannu have been entrepreneurs all their lives. As Finland’s newest Team Elites, they’ve proven that they can balance a busy home life and a profitable business.

New Team Directors

Keith Robinson, Stefan Dörfler, Mirva Martikainen.

Platinum Elite Honors Qualifiers

Team Members who have made the Elite Honors business model essential to the success of their Synergy businesses are seeing major payoffs as they continue to become Elite Honors qualified every month.

Summit Registration Fee Increases June 1

The clock is ticking and we want to make sure you claim your seat at Synergy Europe’s most exciting event to date, September 22-24 in Vienna, Austria.