Legacy Magazine > May 2017

Damiano Bidese

To become a Team Elite, a Team Member must acquire 60,000 CV on his or her weak leg.

Hailing from Cassato, Italy, Damiano Bidese is thrilled to become Synergy Europe’s newest Team Elite and looks forward to hitting an executive title soon.

He is grateful to and proud of the many individuals in his organization who worked with him to make a number of title advancements possible in March. Among the individuals who earned new pin titles in Damiano’s organization are his three brothers who believe in his vision.

“Network marketing has taught me to believe in myself, love myself, and respect myself as I am,”

Damiano joined the network marketing industry in 2011 because he appreciated the opportunity it gave everyone, no matter their personality or skill level, the opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs and gain freedom from traditional employment. He believes that network marketing improves the quality of life both financially and in terms of developing essential life skills, including time management.

“Network marketing has taught me to believe in myself, love myself, and respect myself as I am,” Damiano said. “It teaches me to always try and improve, to be an example, and finally, to allow others to add value to my experiences.”

In Synergy, Diamiano found “reliability, transparency, security, and excellence” in every aspect of the product development process. These are the characteristics one must find in a network marketing company to find the rewards of success, he said.

“What fascinates me the most is Synergy WorldWide’s mission and the concept of focusing on one thing: people’s health and well-being.”

Damiano looks forward to many years with Synergy, bringing health and welless to thousands of families. He is competitive by nature, so naturally, he has big dreams for himself and his team.

Ultimately, Damiano aims to become the “master” of his time, he said. He wants to be able to dictate how he spends every second of his day, which includes choosing the people and activities occupying his time. He loves nature because it symbolizes the freedom he seeks. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, water skiing, and many other sports.

Damiano believes the most important rules to follow in network marketing are to be humble enough to learn and to teach others how to teach.

“My mission,” Damiano said, “is to inspire, train, and build a team of people who can reach the Triple Presidential Executive title so that they can live in abundance and joy.”