Legacy Magazine > May 2017

Executive Message

Greetings European Team Members

By Carmelo D’Anzi, Vice President, Synergy WorldWide Europe

This has been a fantastic year so far. New products, new programs, new promotions, and more. Synergy Europe has never had a stronger foundation.

Your excitement and eagerness to be a part of the Elite Health movement has impressed me. Elite Health is the future of Synergy WorldWide, and with the Purify Kit now available in several of our markets, thousands of Team Members and customers have already taken the first step to becoming healthier versions of themselves.

Thank you for sharing the message of Elite Health throughout Europe. The recent Back to Basics event in Italy was spectacular, and I thank each of you who made it so great. Our annual Summit is coming this September, and it will be a new and rewarding experience for each of you. We will celebrate the triumphs of the past year, and we will learn to create a future filled with new growth, health and momentum. You will not want to miss it.

We have some of the most dedicated, hard-working professionals in the industry. I believe our Team Members are the best in the world, and I believe we will become even better. We have the right products, the right science, and the right people. Now, let us make the remainder of 2017 one for the history books.