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May 2017

Greetings Europe Team Members

Executive Message from Carmelo D'Anzi, Vice President, Synergy WorldWide Europe

Back to Basics Recap

Synergy management and Team Members excelled in putting on the first Back to Basics event in Synergy history May 5–7.

About Purify

An incredible amount of first-hand and second-hand research has been conducted for Purify to come into existence. It’s a crowning piece for many of the scientists working to create Nature’s Sunshine Products’ and Synergy WorldWide’s world-class health solutions.

Purify Success Stories

We’ve collected a number of testimonials from individuals all over the world that prove Purify is fulfilling what Synergy promised.

Microbiome 3 Factors

Chemically processed food, environmental factors, and low activity levels are all to blame in adding toxic chemicals to the body that create a microbiome imbalance.

New Team Elite: Damiano Bidese

Hailing from Cassato, Italy, Damiano Bidese is thrilled to become Synergy Europe’s newest Team Elite and looks forward to hitting an executive title soon.

3x Elite Honors Qualifiers

A total of 688 individuals have qualified for Elite Honors three or more times at the 600, 1200 and 2400 levels in 2017.

Summit 2017 in Barcelona

The clock is ticking and we want to make sure you claim your seat at Synergy Europe’s most exciting event to date, September 28-30 in Barcelona, Spain.