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October 2016

Congratulations, Synergy Europe!

Executive Message from Synergy WorldWide President, Dan Norman.

Top Team Builder & Top Recruiter

For the first time in Europe Summit history, Synergy recognized the individual with the most personally sponsored rank advancements and the individual with the most personally sponsored recruits.

Elite Honors Qualifiers

The Elite Honors duplication model was introduced in September 2015 as Synergy’s financial roadmap, a roadmap that would lead those who followed its guidelines to business growth.

Go Elite 10

All of the following individuals have earned the Go Elite 10 bonus of €1,200 at least once between September 2015 and August 2016.

2016 Legacy Awards

Each year, Team Members are nominated to receive Synergy’s highly regarded and sought after Legacy Awards.

Million Dollar Club: Stefan Patrik Kristoffersen & Øistein Bekkvang

Business partners and friends Stefan Patrik Kristofferson and Øistein Bekkvang of Norway know that two minds are stronger than one, which is why they joined forces in 2009 to begin building a Synergy empire.

New Rank Advancements: Star-Team Manager

Synergy WorldWide is honored to recognize the following individuals who have displayed incredible leadership and dedication, earning their highest pin titles between September 2015 and August 2016.

New Team Directors

To become a Team Director, a Team Member must acquire 30,000 CV on his or her weak leg.

New Team Elites

To become a Team Elite, a Team Member must acquire 60,000 CV on his or her weak leg.

New Pearl Executive: Teri Rigby

Only a few months after earning the Team Elite title, Teri has clinched the Pearl Executive title, becoming the second Team Member from the United Kingdom in Synergy history to obtain an executive pin level.

New Pearl Executive: Robert Suppan

A chimney cleaner of 28 years, Robert still loves his profession, managing to balance his chimney cleaning business and Synergy business perfectly. His story is proof that Synergy fits into any lifestyle.

New Diamond Executive: Bart Woodcook

Bart is a major contributor to Synergy’s overall success and his organization has been instrumental to Synergy Europe’s explosive growth over the years.