Legacy Magazine > December 2014

Capitalizing on Social Media in a Digital Age

By Aaron McCain, Director of Marketing

We live in a digital age where information is shared and viewed instantaneously. With the single click of a button, you can communicate via social media, chat platforms, email and SMS.

As a result, networking with people around the world has never been easier. The digital world removes international borders and exponentially increases your business’s reach potential.

At the 2014 Summit in Barcelona, we introduced new tools that were created to help our Synergy Team Members market the newly launched products SLMsmart Meal Replacement, e9 and the reformulated ProArgi-9+ Citrus Berry sachets. Product brochures, fact sheets, pass-along cards, and videos are all readily available electronically to maximize your efforts in the digital space.

The digital world removes international borders and exponentially increases your business’s reach potential.

During my Summit presentation, I discussed the power of duplication and how digital marketing can be a forceful tool on your roadmap to Synergy success. I then invited all in attendance to “like” and “share” the newly introduced e9 and SLMsmart videos on Synergy’s Facebook page over the weekend. The purpose of this invite was to flood our combined network with the good news of these new products and to generate interest in each of your markets. Today, these videos have reached nearly 70,000 people!

One week following the Summit, I was traveling back to Europe to participate in a few of the recap meetings. On my flight from New York to Madrid I struck up a conversation with the lady sitting next to me. After talking about what I did for a living, I found out she was a videographer for International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Eager to show her our recent videos for e9 and SLMsmart, I pulled out my laptop and played the files I had stored on my computer. After viewing the e9 video, she was quick to tell me that she had already seen that video on Facebook! I was stunned. This lady who never heard of Synergy WorldWide, living on the opposite side country, had already been exposed to our product!

Now, let me clarify an important point: digital marketing is not the key to your success. Network marketing is a people business. Nothing can or will replace the valuable person-to-person interaction that generates success in this business. However, I do believe that social media and other digital marketing channels can be powerful tools that generate interest within your warm market and even into an untapped cold market.

The latest Facebook statistics show that there are an estimated 1.35 billion people who actively use this popular social media platform each month.

Follow these points when strategizing the most effective way to incorporate social media into your Synergy business plan:

  • Time management: Schedule your time wisely. Decide when and how often you will post content to your various social media channels. It’s important that you use this time strategically and effectively. Remember, less is more when it comes to both content and time.
  • Variety: The people who follow you are your friends. They don’t want to see constant posts about Synergy. It’s important that your posts have variety and incorporate Synergy in a subtle manner. Believe me, if they’re interested, they’ll contact you.
  • Pictures speak louder than words: Use pictures as much as possible. Words are often glanced over, but pictures will increase your readership odds.
  • Content marketing: What type of person do you want to attract to Synergy? Identify the characteristics of that persona and tailor your content to what would attract that person when posting about Synergy. If your content is random, you will attract random personalities. Be strategic in your content.
  • Have fun: This is not science. There are literally thousands of websites that offer suggestions about optimizing social media in your business. However, advice changes constantly. It’s all trial and error. So remember, manage your time wisely, strategize your content, and have fun with it. Once your allotted time is out, make a phone call or get out and talk to someone. You and your business will be rewarded for it.