Legacy Magazine > December 2014

Team Director Spotlights

Synergy Team Members are making great strides this year, and each one brings something valuable to the table. We are honored to have such dedicated and impressive people in the Synergy family. Let us introduce you to some of the inspiring individuals who are creating a name for themselves in their respective markets.

Marek and Joanna Amrosz

Marek and Joanna Amrosz, Synergy Poland’s first-ever Team Directors are a father-daughter duo and dynamic business builders. They work hard to reach their goals and are ready to achieve even more. Best of all, Marek & Joanna earned this new pin title the right way, by focusing on the success of those around them and building a strong foundation for the members of their team.

Marek and Joanna never sit and wait for a lucky day. Instead, their business has been built on movement as they’ve traveled all around Poland helping with various events, meetings and trainings. They attend presentations to learn, and then share what they’ve learned with their customers and fellow Team Members.

They regularly host webinars and explore additional training methods that will support their team. With these kinds of habits, it’s no surprise that Marek and Joanna claimed the Team Director title and increased their residual income. Further growth for Marek and Joanna is inevitable as they continue to focus on strengthening those around them.

Kjetil Dreyer

After attending Summit 2014, Kjetil Dreyer of Norway decided to take action in his business with the newly released SLMsmart Meal Replacement and e9 products. When Kjetil returned home from his trip to Barcelona, he hosted a webinar with 500 attendees where he launched the new products.

It is because of Kjetil’s determination to take action that he reached the Team Director level. While he doesn’t necessarily rely on the financial benefits that his Synergy business provides, Kjetil sticks with it for the challenge and to continue blessing others’ lives.

“I was 18 when I learned about network marketing,” Kjetil said. “My father dragged me into this company to sell nutritional supplements. I remember within six months I managed to sell one box. I wasn’t a good salesperson.”

Now, Kjetil owns a direct selling news website, owns the largest online shopping site for health products in Norway, and is a Synergy Team Member.

“I’m going for Presidential, no doubt about it,” Kjetil said. “But I have to do reach this title by finding the right people, and I have every opportunity to find these people.”

Bostjan Pilej and Irena Kladivar

Bostjan Pilej and Irena Kladivar did not rest after reaching the Team Manager pin title in January 2014, but instead, went right back to work in order to advance to Team Director. Their goal setting and focus earned Bostjan and Irena eighth place in the Barcelona Top 100 promotion, which earned them 1,500 € toward their trip to Summit 2014.

Bostjan and Irena’s organization, Team EBALI, is the first in Slovenia to reach the Team Director level. In the spring of 2014, before the SLMsmart and e9 products were officially launched, the individuals on Bostjan’s team were preparing for the major growth that these products would allow them to achieve. This preparation prompted major growth in sales in October.

Bostjan and Irena had an effective plan in place when the launch of SLMsmart and e9 sparked Europe-wide enthusiasm. Their plan called for daily action, and this action contributed to a record-breaking month in Slovenia and Europe. Bostjan and Irena added 72 new Team Members to their team and existing Team Members achieved 42 new pin titles.

"As we progress, we approach new horizons, allowing us to see ourselves, others and the world in new light, and this progress gives us the power to build a successful business,” Irena said. “In our team, we have internalized the fact that if not continuously becoming stronger, we are becoming weaker, which is something Synergy WorldWide taught us.”

This power couple leads with their hearts and leads by example. They have been able to improve many individuals’ lives on their way to the Team Director title.