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Become Synergy Elite

Synergy’s Elite Health and Elite Wealth platforms have the power to unite and create focus, driving Team Members to strive for common goals and objectives. As Synergy advocates make a combined effort to spread the same intriguing messages of health and wealth to North American and beyond, the power that follows many voices singing the same song will have a greater impact on Synergy’s growth in the coming years.

Together, the Elite Health and Elite Wealth platforms align Synergy enrollment, its products and its compensation plan. Now, Synergy WorldWide’s mission is evident, dissolving any doubts regarding the company’s purpose and vision. Team Members can feel confident that by using this system they will maximize profits in their businesses.

Consider the average family. Many personalities, likes, dislikes, hardships and levels of health are represented in this tight-knit group. Synergy WorldWide’s cutting-edge product lines have the potential to address each of these family members’ health needs, from supporting heart function to enhancing athletic performance.

This is why Synergy products were organized into six product categories—ProArgi-9+, Heart Health, Core Nutrition, Weight Management, Fitness and Personal Care—so that Team Members could easily cater Synergy products to the customer’s needs. This needs-based approach encourages Team Members to listen to the customer and ask more questions. Each category consists of a 150 CV pack of products that target a number of common health concerns associated with the category’s description. Five of the six categories are tied together with Synergy’s flagship product ProArgi-9+ because its ingredients have the power to enhance the effectiveness of other supplements. Its synergistic effects make it the keystone of Elite Health.

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This platform is a concept that was created to help Team Members present Synergy’s business opportunity. Elite Wealth teaches that correctly profiling a prospect as a customer or Team Member can have major financial repercussions. Once correct profiling is mastered, Team Members can fill in their networks and qualify for the Elite Honors Club by following the Elite Honors roadmap.

Elite Honors Club

The crowning component of the Elite Wealth platform is Elite Honors. The Elite Honors Club was created to incentivize business building behaviors. In order to become Elite Honors qualified, Team Members must attain 150 CV of personal volume, 300 CV of activation volume and 500 CV of customer volume in any given month. Through duplication of this model, Synergy can now teach new and existing Team Members how to earn $500 in three months.

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Elite Honors is a major part of monthly recognition. Those who qualify for the Elite Honors Club will be greatly rewarded with exclusive event perks, discounts, an Elite Honors pin and much more. Once a Team Member is Elite Honors qualified they have the opportunity to earn the Go Elite bonus every time they hit a new pin title (Star through Team Manager) or maintain their highest pin title (Star through Team Manager).

Elite Health and Elite Wealth align Synergy’s product and business offerings in a way that makes Synergy’s opportunities easy to share. This symmetry is what Synergy teams have been looking for in order to continue growing their businesses. Synergy encourages all Team Members to take these ideas and tools and use them to secure financial freedom and Leave a Legacy others will emulate.