Legacy Magazine > June 2015

New Emerald Executive –
David Johnston

David Johnston, a talented businessman and friend to many, was recognized at Business Builder Conference 2015 for hitting the Emerald Executive title. He has improved many lives with Synergy’s opportunities both in the U.S. and abroad.

"Just speak from the heart, tell the truth, and people will respond to your message."

Prior to joining Synergy, David Johnston was a successful entrepreneur whose business ventures occupied the majority of his time. After attending the 2008 Synergy Convention in Anaheim, Calif., he was inspired to dedicate himself completely to building a Synergy business.

"I have really admired and appreciated the people that I’ve met through Synergy," David said. “Friends like Dane Iorg, Mark Comer and Dianne Leavitt really opened my eyes to the possibilities that Synergy and the network marketing industry could provide. They gave me the energy to be serious about Synergy."

David loves the Synergy business model, which allows a minimal investment to be leveraged into high income for life. "The sky is the limit in this industry," he said. "It can be a life-changing opportunity. You can go as far as you want. I love that aspect of Synergy."

While David used Synergy products, they were never part of his daily routine. However, when he incorporated Synergy products into his exercise and diet routine, he found that he was more successful at managing his weight and he had a renewed sense of energy. To build his enterprise, David put fear and hesitation aside and started working as hard as possible. He and his team concentrated their efforts on marketing ProArgi-9+ to anyone from medical professionals to family members.

"You can't be afraid of hearing the word 'no' in network marketing," he said. "You've got to put your inhibitions to the side and just get out there and do it. You can't stand outside the fire forever. Just speak from the heart, tell the truth, and people will respond to your message."

Once he accelerated his efforts, David said he was amazed by how many people came to him for Synergy products. After experiencing the products’ benefits firsthand, most customers often become Team Members to take advantage of the reduced prices and the opportunity to share Synergy with others.

"I'm having the time of my life at Synergy," David said. "It's such a privilege to sell a product that helps people and also improves your own quality of life. We all like to make a profit, but there's more to this company than money. Synergy's products really do make a difference. It's truly been a fantastic experience to be part of the company, connect with the Synergy family, and share this great opportunity."