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“If I didn’t win anything in the Challenge, I still won.”

February mornings are cold in Delta, Colorado. Frost covers the fields, snow collects in the shade, and the sun seems slow to climb over the horizon. On mornings like these, most Delta residents cling to every extra minute of warmth in their beds. But Eva Miller is not like most Delta residents. For this mother of eight, each busy day begins well before sunrise.

As the video told Eva’s story, many in the audience related. Many were brought to tears.

This particular February was especially busy for Eva. Almost every day she woke extra early with her husband Pete, carefully stepping down her stairs to the kitchen for a SLMsmart Health Shake breakfast. This breakfast was followed by stretches in her living room, climbs up and down her staircase, and even the occasional set of “burpees,” an exercise she discovered through the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge. The rest of the Miller family would eventually wake, giving Eva little time to rest before the day’s duties began.

Occasionally, Eva would drive to the nearby recreation center. As she tells it, she would arrive without confidence, hoping no one would notice her as she chose a stationary bike at the back of her cycling class. From the front, the spin class instructor noticed Eva each time she joined the class, arriving quietly in a full-length dress, pushing herself every day to make the most of the instruction and exercise.

Eva Miller was shy, but she was motivated. For over 24 years she had been a happy mother and wife wife, a talented cook, and selfless host to the many guests she welcomed into her home. But in those 24 years she was never happy with how she looked, how she felt, and the weight she seemed to consistently gain despite her active days.

She decided that this February was going to be different. It would be Eva’s milestone and turning point. It marked the beginning of the Synergy SLMsmart 90-day Challenge which, to Eva and Pete, seemed like the perfect opportunity to transform. After all, Synergy was giving monthly prizes to Challenge participants, providing coaching and instruction from the famous trainer duo Drew and Lynn Manning, and putting $10,000 in prize money on the table for the three individuals with the most striking mental and physical transformations.

Despite the anxiety and self-doubt she felt, Eva joined the Challenge. She and Pete invested in themselves by purchasing the SLMsmart supplements they needed to enhance the healthy new habits they were determined to adopt. Pete encouraged Eva, and Eva encouraged Pete. The cold mornings didn’t stop them. The business of life didn’t stop them. Together, they were ready to transform.

Ninety days came and went. Before they knew it, winter turned into spring. Eva no longer entered her spin classes in silence. Instead, she joined newfound friends and smiled her way through workout after workout. People at the rec center admired her, they were inspired by her determination, and they were always happy to see her. Everyone who knows Eva—family members, friends at church and others in her community—felt the same way when they looked at her.

Eva had new, better-fitting dresses made. She politely declined the desserts she used to indulge in. With improved energy levels, she engaged with her children and happily carried out her duties at home. She looked proudly at Pete, now more than thirty pounds leaner with muscle to spare. Together, they seemed like a new family.

The Millers loaded into their Chevy Suburban and made the drive to Salt Lake City for Synergy’s Business Builder Conference. The Conference featured days of training, tours and motivation. It was set to end with a gala dinner featuring a special recognition ceremony that would unveil the SLMsmart Challenge winners.

The Miller women arrived to the gala in beautiful dresses and bright smiles. Pete, dapper in a dark suit, proudly escorted his family into the hotel ballroom. Surrounded by friends, associates and admirers, they ate a healthy dinner, mingled, laughed, and waited.

Finally, the award ceremony began. Synergy leaders gathered on the stage. The lights dimmed and a video began to play, presenting the first runner up, Mr. Justin Hall of Pleasant Grove, Utah. Justin gave a speech, accepted a check for $2,500 and took his seat. The crowd applauded and Eva’s heart beat wildly in anticipation.

Again, the lights dimmed and a video began to play. Another challenger was announced. Tommy Bethards of Sacramento, California, had lost more than 55 pounds and looked amazing. At this point, Eva’s mind began to fill with doubts. A Synergy film crew had paid her a visit days earlier, but she wondered, perhaps many challengers were filmed. She thought that maybe she had missed the mark despite her efforts. She guessed that the grand prize was destined for another challenger.

For the third and final time, the lights went dim and the screens behind the stage lit up. To Eva’s delight, relief and surprise, her humble Delta home appeared on the screen. Then her cat. Then her smiling face. The crowd cheered and clapped. Eva realized she was the winner of the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge.

As the video told Eva’s story, many in the audience related. Many were brought to tears. At the close of the video, Eva told the camera that even if she didn’t win any money in the Challenge, she had already won back something greater than anything money can buy—her health. When the room lights came on, Eva was welcomed to the stage and presented with a check for $5,000. The crowd rose to their feet, cheering and whistling loudly. A graceful and emotional Eva, now more than 58 pounds lighter, held up her hand in triumph and showed the crowd the humble smile everyone knows her for. She had done it. She had won.

Congratulations to Eva Miller and her family. Eva and Pete lost a combined 90 pounds over the course of 90 days. Eva’s healthy habits have continued and she is now more than 60 pounds lighter than she was at the beginning of the year. They share the SLMsmart supplements with friends across the country and are asked about their transformation wherever they go. Synergy is proud to have Eva as an ambassador of the SLMsmart system. Her example will show the world that even on the coldest February mornings, a busy mother can change her life when she decides to make smart, healthy habits a part of her life.

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