Legacy Magazine > June 2015

Straightening the Path to Success

By Shane Greer, General Manager, Synergy WorldWide

When I joined Synergy six months ago, I was impressed by the company’s strong foundation. All of the key ingredients found in flourishing network marketing companies were present:

  • Dedication to research and science
  • The industry-leading and groundbreaking product ProArgi-9+
  • Loyal customers
  • A unique compensation plan that provides the benefits of a binary compensation plan while also allowing distributors to earn off of the strong leg
  • Support from Nature’s Sunshine Products, a company with stability and longevity

Knowing that the work done since Synergy’s founding has positioned Synergy for greatness is what drew me to this company. As I began fulfilling my new role with Synergy, I began to look more deeply at who Synergy was, what the company did best and what could be improved. I started to interview Team Members and ask questions. As I researched more, I found that the answer to what could be improved was hiding in plain sight. I found the answer in the very definition of the word “synergy.”

While we had all the elements of a successful company, these elements weren’t working together. Our products were not organized in a way that was conducive to selling and they didn’t match our compensation plan. We had segmented the market by focusing only on heart health. We were not selling to our customers’ needs. In addition, Team Members were not able to concisely articulate how others can earn money in this business.

After weeks of meetings between corporative executives and top leaders in the field, we developed the Elite Health platform, which organizes Synergy products into lines and helps distributors sell to their customers’ needs. We developed the Elite Honors program to simplify the way we tell others to maximize Synergy’s compensation plan. We then added the Go Elite promotion to create an easy-to-explain financial roadmap to $500 in three months of doing the business. We developed tools to help Team Members become Elite Honors qualified. Synergy now has a focused message!

To further focus our efforts, we will incentivize the right behavior. Elite Honors Club will be at the center of everything we do. Becoming Elite Honors qualified is an impressive accomplishment and those who achieve it will be recognized. Elite Honors will have a big impact on events moving forward. Being Elite Honors qualified will allow you to register early, attend special activities, receive priority registration and much more. Team Members who build using Elite Honors as a foundation will be creating an organization that will Leave a Legacy.

When I was in elementary school I learned a simple principle: it is impossible to draw a straight line without two points of reference. In the past, Synergy only had one point of reference, which resulted in a curvy and inefficient path to success. By adding another point of reference—and in Synergy’s case, a focused message—we will arrive at our destination in one straight shot, making the ascent to success faster than ever.

I look forward to congratulating each of you for being Elite Honors qualified.