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SLMsmart Success

Amazing men and women participated in the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge beginning February 2015. Participants all over the United States dedicated themselves to take big strides toward healthy living. Synergy WorldWide was honored to provide each participant with the necessary tools for healthy, maintainable weight management. The Challenge results were terrific, and the challenge participants’ success with SLMsmart will influence many around the world.

Overall Challenge Stats
The SLMsmart Challengers who participated in all three months of the Challenge lost, on average, more than 25 pounds of unwanted weight.

Forty-five challengers submitted before and after photos with stats. Together, these 45 challengers lost a total of 1,086 pounds.

Several challengers joined with the focus of gaining muscle mass, including Paul Dean of Willard, Utah, who added 23 helpful pounds to his lean frame.

(Left to Right) SLMsmart Grand Prize Winner Eva Miller, along with fellow successful challengers Amber Young, Lynn Manning (Challenge Coach), Sandra Vincent and Brook Strebe.

Tools for Success
Each month, challengers purchased a Challenge Pack consisting of SLMsmart products and other helpful Synergy supplements such as ProArgi-9+ and e9. Each purchase entitled them to a Scratch-and-win card. Some cards were redeemed for Synergy product and merchandise; others were redeemed for cash up to $500!

Challenge participants were also given exclusive access to a SLMsmart mobile app that featured recipes, exercise recommendations, and more.

Synergy brought Drew and Lynn Manning—the famous “Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit” trainer duo—on board to help challengers reach their goals. The Manning couple supplied the app with suggested meal plans and workout routines, and set aside time for challenger consultations where participants could meet with Drew and Lynn—either in person or over the phone—to get personalized advice. Challengers were advised to stay away from sugary treats, starchy snacks, sodas, sports drinks, juices, pastas, and breaded foods. They enjoyed protein-rich meals, including the SLMsmart Health Shake, on a daily basis. Healthy habits were adopted, and promised benefits became a reality.

Another helpful aspect of the Challenge was an exclusive Facebook group. This was a private forum where challengers could ask questions, watch Drew and Lynn’s instructional videos, motivate each other, and stay accountable.

Top 3 Challenge Winners:

Justin Hall of Pleasant Grove, Utah won the $2,500 prize for third place. He lost 46 lbs. and 22% of his starting body weight. In his words:

“I have never been successful at dieting and honestly didn't expect to last the first month with this Challenge. The Facebook page helped to keep me motivated. The [SLMsmart] Health Shake is delicious and the products in the SLMsmart pack work perfectly together. The meal plans never left me hungry and I was always amazed at how simple a delicious meal could be. Lynn and Drew Manning's coaching was perfect. The workouts were challenging, but not frustrating, and left me able to complete my day without feeling sore and tired. Now that I have detoxed my body, I enjoy eating healthy food more than ever! I feel great, I look great, and I am excited to continue living healthy and teaching my children about health eating. I started this competition at 202 lbs. I am proud to say I have lost 22% of my body weight, ending the Challenge at 156 lbs.! That would not have been possible without the 90-day SLMsmart Challenge. Thank you Synergy!”

> Click here to watch Justin's transformation video

Tommy Bethards of Sacramento, California won a $2,500 prize for second place. Tommy lost more than 55 lbs. and 23% of his starting body weight. Tommy submitted the following:

“When I heard about Synergy’s 90-day Challenge, a desire to take control of my life was ignited. I set out on a journey determined to reach my goal of actually becoming fit—to build muscle and see a transformation instead of just being less fat. It wasn’t always easy, but I strictly followed every workout provided by the 90-day Challenge and incorporated Synergy’s life-changing products every day. The SLMsmart Shake, ProArgi-9+, e9 and Body Cleanse became staples during these three months. Aside from the number on the scale, I saw a transformation in my physique. I finally saw muscle I never thought I had! And most importantly, I feel good in my skin. I have my confidence and energy back, and I feel like a new person inside and out. My life has turned 180 degrees and I couldn’t be more grateful to Synergy for providing the medium to get me to where I am today. This is the first step in not only changing my life, but hopefully helping many others do the same.”

> Click here to watch Tommy's transformation video

Eva Miller of Delta, Colorado, was the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge grand prize winner! This mother of eight lost more than 58 pounds and 22% of her body weight. Eva completed the Challenge alongside her husband Pete, and as a couple they lost a combined 90 pounds and 78 inches.

“My deepest gratitude to Synergy WorldWide for giving us the privilege to participate in this challenge. [The] support made it easier than I ever expected. It has given me what my heart has longed for for many years—to be healthy and fit. Losing weight and gaining self-confidence is a feeling that is hard to describe, and after eight children I almost gave up hope of ever being fit again. To weigh less than I have for more than 24 years, friends and family are amazed at the transformation. My life changes will continue and I'm so grateful for these amazing products and supplements that will continue to help me reach my goals.”

> Click here to watch Eva's transformation video

Honorable Mention

Amar Cid, Sacramento, CA

-10 lbs.

Amber Young of Mesa, AZ

-34 lbs

Bill Muth of Citrus Heights, CA

-38 lbs

Bill Styles of Salem, UT

-10 lbs.

Brook Strebe of Orem, UT

-30 lbs.

Christine Houston of Clovis, NM

-17 lbs.

Cody Marsh of Buckeye, AZ

-20 lbs.

Craig Baker of Lakewood, CO

-20 lbs.

Denise Butcher of Belleview, FL

-13 lbs.

Eric Baker of Noblesville, IN

-14 lbs.

Eric Poland of Scottsville, KY

-20 lbs.

Jeremy Ovard of Santaquin, UT

-41 lbs.

Jim Smith of Anaheim, CA

-20 lbs.

Julie Russon of Pleasant Grove, UT

-12 lbs.

Kalynn Smestad of Gilbert, AZ

-21 lbs.

Kendra Poland of Scottsville, KY

-56 lbs.

Lee Edwards of Pleasant Grove, UT

-33 lbs.

Lor Pace of Layton, UT

-37 lbs.

Nathan Strebe of Orem, UT

-35 lbs.

Pamela Krajnik of Nampa, ID

-15 lbs.

Pat Bishop of Broomfield, CO

-22 lbs.

Pete Miller of Delta, CO

-32 lbs.

Roxanna Madsen of Grand Junction, CO

-14 lbs.

Sandra Vincent of Keller, TX

-41 lbs.

Sherry Burns of Colorado Springs, CO

-25 lbs.

Tracy Davis of Chandler, AZ

-8 lbs.

Honorable Mention

These participants set goals to build muscle

Crystal Edwards of Pleasant Grove, UT

-5 lbs.

Gary Burnett of Ogden, UT

-15 lbs.

Kyle Lark of Bloomington, IN

-22 lbs.

Nate Fowers of Ogden, UT

-5 lbs.

Paul Dean

+13 lbs.

Dan Higginson, Founder of Synergy WorldWide:

“Congratulations to all who participated in the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge. I am thrilled for you and for what you’ve accomplished. I want to give a special thanks to every participant, to Drew and Lynn Manning, and to all the people who provided support and encouragement to these fantastic challengers. I know weight loss isn’t easy. I encourage everyone who has transformed with SLMsmart to continue embracing the habits you’ve established. Share what you’ve done with those around you, and help them experience greater health and the happiness it brings. We are happy for you, we are inspired by you, and we wish you all the best.”