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July 2014 Edition

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Executive Message

Summit 2014: Believe, Achieve, Dream

By Dan Higginson, Founder

With the European Summit only two months away, there isn't much time left to register for this year's event in Barcelona. September 25-27, the most spectacular event Synergy WorldWide has ever brought to Europe will take off with dancers, musicians, and many other unique performers. Don't forget the Parade of Nations where every Team Member is showcased representing their home country. Every rank advancement that occurred since Global Summit 2013 will be applauded. Outstanding leaders from every European market, including special event qualifiers, will be congratulated and commended for taking their business to the next level. Three new products will be launched accompanies by new videos and a variety of other marketing tools. Attendees will listen to one powerful speaker after the next. The list of things to look forward to goes on and on!

Dan Higginson, Synergy's founder, insists that attending annual Summit events is the most important thing you can do for your business. Nowhere else can Synergy Team Members find a more passionate crowd with every inspirational Synergy figure in attendance. This year, in particular, Synergy executives will introduce dozens of exciting developments that Team Members can look forward to in the future. This truly is the best event in Synergy Europe's history. Do not miss it!

Learn more about Summit 2014

Advisory Board Message

What Legacy Will You Leave?

By Mark Comer, Double Presidential Executive

A legacy is a gift given to future generations. It’s a symbol of our life’s work and allows us to leave our fingerprints behind when we pass on. This gift can be as small as a prized possession or tradition, and as large as a business or an inheritance. There are countless ways to create a legacy, but with Synergy WorldWide, you are given the tools necessary to shape and mold your legacy in more ways than one. In fact, Synergy encourages each of its Team Members to live their lives in constant awareness of the legacy they are building, and tens of thousands of these Team Members are building their legacies at this very moment.

When I joined Synergy WorldWide in 2002, philanthropic companies were abundant in every industry, but I discovered that Synergy provides a unique opportunity to serve in multiple capacities. This opportunity allows you and I to wake up every day and give the gift of physical, emotional and financial health to the masses.

The Product

Synergy has remarkable, top-quality products that address the No. 1 international cause of death: poor heart health. Initially, I wasn’t interested in joining a network marketing company because I knew that most companies in the industry were less concerned about the quality of their products, and more concerned about higher profits. However, Synergy operates in an almost opposite way. Product quality is, and will always be, the highest priority.

We know the products are safe because each ingredient is tested hundreds of times before manufacturing begins and the final products are tested just as rigorously. We meet with the scientists face to face, and tour the factory on a regular basis. Synergy’s testing and manufacturing processes are executed using the best technology, and we feel confident in sharing the finished products with anyone and everyone. Thousands of product success stories and testimonials have been shared. I have witnessed the impact these products have had in the lives of my own family members, friends and colleagues. Every time I share a Synergy product, I’m heightening someone’s quality of life and that’s a huge legacy to leave behind.

Giving Back

When I was new to the company, Synergy sponsored a trip to Bali, Indonesia, where we visited an orphanage that housed dozens of blind children. I shook their hands and saw how excited they were that we were giving them just an hour of our time. It blew me away to see how much it meant to them. During our visit, a choir of 25 blind girls performed a few beautiful songs for us, and I was deeply moved by this. When I originally arrived in Bali, the Synergy group was greeted by a police escort, and we each got to choose a motorcycle to ride into the city. I was feeling great about myself, but was quickly humbled when I saw these abandoned Indonesian children lined up outside of the orphanage waiting to greet us. I spent the plane ride home brainstorming ideas for an organization that would allow me to give back in a big way. The pages of notes I took during that flight eventually took shape and became what is now known as the 5-Star Legacy Foundation.

The 5-Star Legacy mission has three initiatives: increase literacy for children grades K-12, provide hope through scholarship funds for higher education, and promote self-reliance through entrepreneurism. We want to break the poverty cycle that exists in so many countries all over the world.

I have met amazing people from all walks of life through the 5-Star Legacy Foundation. Their stories have taught me to be grounded, and the life lessons I’ve learned affect the way I think and make decisions on a daily basis. When the foundation is able to provide a poverty-stricken Vietnamese population with their first medical check-ups in 20-30 years, it hits home for me. I have been able to teach my family valuable lessons about charity and gratitude because of these experiences. The legacy that service leaves is the most valuable of all, and the most rewarding part of my business.

The Business Opportunity

First and foremost, Synergy is about promoting health and serving communities around the globe, and the fact that we can make a living doing this is icing on the cake. The more money you can put in the bank, the more good you can do in the world. We have the power to save the life of a 40-year-old father of five who is in poor health and struggling to find steady employment. We have the power to give him a chance to Leave a Legacy to his children and grandchildren. We are getting paid to change the world, and nothing beats that.

When you give the gift of Synergy, a chain reaction begins. When you throw a stone in water, small waves begin to travel outward from that stone, and before you know it, ripples from one small action have spread over a large area. The power of this model is real. Nine years ago I spoke to seven Korean Team Members in a hotel lobby about a business opportunity with Synergy WorldWide. When I travel to Korea now, I speak to a group of 2,500. If I have 100,000 people in my organization, I can potentially impact millions. As Synergy Team Members, we have a major responsibility to open our mouths and talk about the products, the service initiatives and the financial freedom Synergy offers. We have a responsibility to Leave a Legacy.

Synergy’s SLMsmart Meal Replacement

Better Breakfast, Better You

You may have heard the rumors that new products are coming to Europe in just a few months, and we’re here to admit that what you heard is true! One of these products is the SLMsmart Meal Replacement shake, Synergy’s premiere weight management product, and it's coming to you September 2014 for its official launch at the European Summit.

By exchanging one or two of your regular daily meals with this energizing meal replacement, you will find your target weight is easier to reach than you imagined. This refreshing vanilla shake can be mixed with water, milk or blended with your favorite fruits and vegetables to satisfy your hunger and help you achieve your target weight. Not only will your weight management goals become attainable, your business goals will too. New products mean growth, and we are confident that whether you introduce this product to someone who has weight to lose, or someone who simply needs a quick, healthy breakfast routine, the SLMsmart Meal Replacement shake will become an item they always need in their pantry. Here are a few reasons why:

Team Member Profile

European Advisory Board Members Achieve Emerald Executive Title

by Catherine Bennett, Synergy Communications

“The primary reason we wanted to achieve Emerald is to show the way for others, and for that same reason we will now work toward achieving the Diamond Executive title,” said Eric Gammals and Kati Gammals, Synergy’s newest Emerald Executives. “We want to show everyone that it is possible, and that they can live their dreams.”

This statement summarizes the duo’s leadership approach, an approach that values the power of teamwork and leading by example. Since the couple started their Synergy business in March 2011 and began helping the Finnish market take off in October 2011, they have impacted the physical and financial lives of countless individuals. Today, they are valuable members of Synergy’s European Advisory Board and are instrumental leaders in Finland, though their influence is felt throughout Europe. One of their current major goals is to help seven Team Members from seven different countries advance to Presidential Executive title within the next seven years.

From Eric and Kati’s first day as Synergy distributors, they had their sights set on one day reaching the highest pin level Synergy offers, which they envision will surpass Double Presidential. Having been with a network marketing company for 7 years before deciding to work with Synergy, they quickly made their way up the title advancement ladder and achieved Pearl Executive in 8 months. They maintained the Pearl title ever month until reaching the Emerald Executive level.

Eric and Kati spend the majority of their days developing up-and-coming Synergy leaders. This means coaching Team Members on the business system, on success habits and helping these Team Members believe in themselves. There are dozens of people at the Team Leader, Team Manager and Team Director levels in Eric and Kati’s downline because of the attention they give to supporting the individuals on their team. They found that giving support is far more important than worrying about the next title waiting to be achieved, because the anxiety of achieving a difficult goal often emits negative energy to the entire team.

This is why Eric and Kati will teach Team Members to set three goals: a minimum goal, a target goal and a dream goal. Setting flexible goals makes it easier to stay positive and maintain an attitude of gratitude for the things that are working. With Eric and Kati’s three-goal model, Team Members are given more opportunities to celebrate their success and feel inspired to reach even higher ranks than they originally hoped to achieve. The three-goal model is also effective in helping maintain long-term motivation when a dream goal is out of reach. Even the best teams don’t win every time. For instance, most professional basketball players miss close to 70% the shots they take, but that doesn’t keep them from winning games.

“With big goals come big challenges, and it’s important to face those obstacles and turn them into advantages,” Kati said. “When you have thousands of people in your organization you have to do this. Some of our greatest successes have emerged when we have been able to turn a challenging situation into advantage.”

At the end of the day, sharing Synergy’s products are Eric and Kati’s first priority. They want to get the products to as many people as possible, because they know the products work and they are excited to see them continue changing the way people live their lives.

Both Eric and Kati are known for their infectious positivity, and they’ve maintained this attitude since their first weeks with Synergy. Eric said that as a new Synergy distributor he put himself in the right frame of mind by listening to “Lose Yourself” by Eminem and “Get the Party Started” by Pink. Both Eric and Kati have gotten rid of the term “weak leg” in their organization, and instead call a Team Member’s smaller leg the “developing leg.”

It is because of this positivity, and their tremendous leadership skills, that Eric and Kati have helped many individuals overcome their fears and find their true potential. Through Synergy, they’ve made their own dreams and many others’ dreams become a reality.

“Part of our dream is to help people protect their dreams,” Eric said. “In the future, we want to finance schools and elderly homes. We have already fulfilled our dreams in many ways. We had a dream to travel all over the world and attend personal development trainings, and we’ve done that. Everything we put on our vision board a few years ago has become a reality.”

For Eric and Kati, claiming the Emerald Executive title is a great achievement and is an important stepping stone on their journey to the very top.

“It is not often that you come across extremely successful people who also maintain the highest level of integrity and humility toward others,” said Synergy WorldWide’s Vice President of Sales, Stewart Rutter. “Eric and Kati Gammals truly care about the company, the products and, most importantly, the people that they work with. Their ability to work through challenges, stay positive regardless of their situation, and drive to be the best they can be, is what makes them so extraordinary. Our first priority as a management team is to create and direct a company that attracts people like Eric and Kati.”

In the Spotlight

Synergy Team Members are making great strides this year, and each one brings something valuable to the table. We are honored to have such dedicated and impressive people in the Synergy family. Let us introduce you to some of the inspiring individuals who are creating a name for themselves in their respective markets.

Franz Friess & Ana-Vajda Friess

In April, Franz Friess & Ana-Vajda Friess were the second Team Members from Austria to ever achieve the Pearl Executive title. This power couple strongly believes that anyone can prosper with Synergy WorldWide, but they must build their success upon the success of their sponsors and put the Team Members in their downline before themselves. Franz and Ana were able to attend Legacy Retreat for the first time in 2014 and are eager to help Team Members in their organization qualify for next year’s retreat in Dubai so they can share that unforgettable experience. They know that when a group of people aims to achieve a common goal, anything is possible, which is why teamwork is crucial in growing their business.

“We started with Synergy five years ago and our lives have completely changed in that time,” Franz said. “It’s up to us to make something out of the opportunity Synergy presents. Because of this truth, our motto is ‘Nothing will change unless I change myself.’ We hope to inspire many people with this message and help them reach their goals.”

Fabio Montagna

Fabio Montagna, a resident of Bologna and one of Italy’s newest Team Leaders, has been in the network marketing industry for over 20 years. Prior to diving into the world of network marketing, Fabio owned a thriving home contracting company, but he left his business because he wanted an adventure and wanted to be a force in improving lives.

Team Director Peppe Lucio introduced Fabio to Synergy and knew that if Peppe believed in the company, he could too. Thanks to Peppe’s passion and devotion to his team, Fabio feels he was able to undertake a life-changing opportunity, and attributes much of his success so far to Peppe. Fabio said he has felt the “synergy” in this company since the day he joined and is ready to give his heart and soul to his team. Fabio is thrilled to continue sharing a business opportunity with the Italian people that will alleviate the economic uncertainty that many currently face. He believes that Synergy’s vision, marketing plan and business structure, are strong enough to bring hundreds, even thousands, of Europeans to his organization.

Yvonne Timmins

one of Ireland’s newest Team Managers, was at the Rude Health Exhibition in Dublin when she was introduced to Synergy WorldWide by James Booth. She came from a healing business background and loved the concept of promoting healthy living while building a business. Yvonne puts ProArgi-9+ at the forefront of her business because she has seen the science of the product yield unbelievable health results in those she has shared it with. Much of Yvonne’s passion for the company was sparked by her enthusiastic and encouraging sponsor James. She seeks new knowledge about the products and business on a daily basis, making meeting attendance a priority.

“The business opportunity is available to everyone who has a desire to work and become financially independent,” Timmins said. “I believe Synergy WorldWide will be a household name within the next five years because our founder Dan Higginson is a visionary who cares about people and wants everyone to leave a great personal legacy!”

Andrzej Kedzior

Andrzej Kedzior hit Team Manager in May, making him one of the highest ranking Team Members in Poland. Andrzej was born and raised in Wisła Malinka, and while he travels often, he always looks forward to returning home. Before finding Synergy WorldWide, Andrzej owned his own company, but when he discovered the network marketing industry, his plans changed. A colleague took him to a meeting in the Czech Republic, and while another guest traveling with them was not interested in this new business venture, Andrzej was quickly convinced that Synergy was the company for him. His determination, strength and belief have carried him to this point in his journey with Synergy and will continue to carry him to the top. He said he challenges anyone who finds an impossible task to bring it to him, and he’ll find a way to make it work. This is the can-do attitude that makes Andrzej a leader to follow.

“The main ingredient in the business is us,” Andrzej said. “If we are able to dedicate our time and perform basic operations, then we will succeed. The most important thing, though, is teamwork, because this is how we will achieve financial satisfaction.”

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